Where am I taking you?

This online dispatch is a collection from an experience of a Montessori teacher working in the Dutch Caribbean for two years with her family.  The main motivation for this experience was, aside from fulfilling a lifelong desire to work in South America, was to introduce the children to the rest of the world.

I will likely talk about

  • Language acquisition stuff – Papiamento, Spanish and Dutch
  • Ceramics, Photography, Art and kids
  • Teaching & Montessori
  • Cultural things like Cooking, Americans overseas, and making friends
  • A bit of gratitude, mindfulness and things learned.
  • Parenting overseas (what it is like to pop your child out of their comfort zone and walk with them as they adjust to an entirely different way of living–which is to a large extent the main motivation to have pursued this experience).

And if you are wondering just who this crazy writer traveler woman is, you can see where the winds have swept me through the years at heatherd.pro

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